Cerner Corporation: Flawless Execution mural

Cerner is a healthcare technology and solutions provider to doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, workplace, research facilities, and other health systems. They digitize, synchronize and store patient records as well as build state-of the-art smart rooms and other medical hardware and software solutions.

I was commissioned to create seven large indoor murals that are strategically placed in their data center. Each mural tells a specific story about the company and it's services and is seen by clients when touring the facility. The challenge was to create images that depict the concept in a Cerner-specific way and are detailed enough to discover new things over a long period of time.

Shown here is "Striving for Perfection", what Cerner aims for with its technology. The first three screens are the development of the original image. But during the process, the message was changed to "Flawless Execution", so I changed gears (literally) and created the second image shown in the second three screens.


Conceptualize and illustrate the concept of accuracy and flawless execution in a manner that is simultaneously representational and abstract to serve both a marketing and gallery purpose.